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Helping you evolve into your happier, more complete life…

Awareness training is something that is proven to lessen stress and increase happiness. With just a few simple instructions and minimal effort, anyone can begin to see a real difference in how they feel at the end of the day. What I’m offering you is the guidance and support you need to start on and keep to the path of living the life you deserve.

There will be a series of free guided meditations available, that will help you stay on track.

I’ve studied and practiced meditation since 2002 at renowned institutions such as Tibet House in New York City, and the Omega Institute. I’ve practiced with and been instructed by Alex Grey, Sharon Salzberg and Noah Levine, well as having been present at the founding of the Interdependence Project, NYC.

The mission of GuruMojo is to point you in the right direction, and give you the tools, so that you can become your own guru. The true meaning of guru is “spiritual friend”, and mojo is that magic, that stuff, that inner power that we all possess. And yes, it is very hip and cool…

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Thank you so much for your attention. It is so valuable.


Kenny Jenkins

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